LATITUDE™ is a revolutionary non-mechanized position and orientation encoding system designed for use with nondestructive examination (NDE) equipment, enabling an operator to collect high-quality encoded data using a manual examination procedure. LATITUDE is a fast and compact alternative to cumbersome and complicated automated inspection equipment.

What you will learn:

  • Fundamental information on the equipment and the underlying technology
  • Candidate applications with an overview of advantages as compared to conventional approaches
  • See a live application of LATITUDE
  • A Q&A session is included and will follow the presentation




The Hosts

Van Velsor Jason jpg

Jason Van Velsor, Associate

Dr. Van Velsor is the Director of the Applied Technology group at SI, a group of individuals primarily focused on the development of new technologies for the energy and oil & gas industries. He has been working in the field of NDE and SHM for nearly 15 years and has significant experience with the development and field application of NDE technology and with NDE and SHM related project management. Throughout his career, Dr. Van Velsor has applied his NDE expertise for the development of novel NDE and SHM solutions in the pipeline, aviation, rail, and power generation industries. He has authored multiple peer reviewed journal articles, patents, pending patents, and is a contributing author of a recently released text on ultrasonic guided waves. He also holds multiple industry certifications for the field-application of long-range guided wave technology for piping inspection and actively participates as a member of the ASME Section 5 Article 18 committee for the development of a guided wave standard and as the Vice-Chair of the ASNT Guided Wave Method committee for the establishment of the Guided Wave Method as an officially recognized NDE method. Dr. Van Velsor received his Ph.D. in Engineering Science and Mechanics from The Pennsylvania State University in 2009. As a graduate student he worked as a Teaching Assistant in the areas of Engineering Dynamics and Strength of Materials and as a Research Assistant in the Penn State Ultrasonics Laboratory under the advisement of Dr. Joseph L. Rose. As a graduate student Dr. Van Velsor was a recipient of a one-year ASNT Fellowship Award and received the 2007 Outstanding Paper Award for an article published in Materials Evaluation on the topic of guided wave tomography for pipeline.

Lashley Michael 001 jpg

Michael Lashley, Associate

Mr. Lashley has over thirty-five years of technical, supervisory, and management experience related to the power and energy field. At Structural Integrity Associates, Mr. Lashley has been responsible for various projects for both Boiling Water Reactor and Pressurized Water Reactor systems, as well as the Product Manager for SI’s Alloy 600 mitigation offerings and more recently SI’s High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) piping offering. His most recent experience has been both technical, programmatic, regulatory, and project management related activities associated with HDPE piping volumetric examination, Reactor Pressure Vessel and Reactor Coolant piping Alloy 600 examination and mitigation, Leak Before Break analyses, CANDU feeder repair, new plants, InService Examinations, and client specific ASME Code evaluations including flow-accelerated corrosion, residual stress, and crack growth analysis. Project size has ranged from hundreds of thousands to several million dollars.