TGUG - Winter 2018\EPRI

The 19th EPRI Steam Turbine-Generator User Group (TGUG) Meeting and Vendor Exhibition is an opportunity to discuss turbine and generator inspection and evaluation with Structural Integrity's experts. Structural Integrity Associates, Inc. provides comprehensive turbine and generator inspection and life assessment services for rotors, turbine disk bore/keyways, rim blade attachment dovetails, retaining rings, turbine main inlet sleeves and nozzle chambers, turbine and valve casings, blades, tenons, shrouds, and all other critical components. Our life assessment analytical services include EPRI®-licensed SAFER-PC© rotor analysis, EPRI LPRimLife© rotor disk rim dovetail analysis, EPRI RRingLife© generator retaining ring analysis, and ANSYS® finite-element stress analysis of shafts, turbine disks, and other components. In the case of turbine failures, our metallurgical testing laboratory also offers a full range of testing services for rotor, disk, and blade failure analyses. 

Event Details

Event Date Monday, 15 January 2018
Event End Date Friday, 19 January 2018
Exhibit Booth 322
Location Orlando, FL