Remote Control Valve (RCV) / Automatic Shutoff Valve (ASV) Studies

A Remote Control Valve (RCV) is a main line valve that can be operated from the SCADA control room, making it a much faster method of stopping the flow to a break than driving to a manually operated valve. An Automatic Shutoff Valve (ASV) is a main line valve that would automatically close when a line rupture is detected based on certain flow/pressure conditions, reducing the flow of gas to the break. Regulation requires operators to determine, based on a risk analysis, whether an ASV or RCV would be an efficient means of adding protection to a high consequence area in the event of a gas release.

We have helped several of our clients complete analyses that include a detailed model of a failure and the resulting heat flux to estimate the radii at which damage to personal and/or commercial property would likely occur. We have experience estimating costs associated with damage at the hypothetical rupture relative to the savings / costs of installing an ASV/RCV, and the resultant benefit to public safety (if any). The analysis helps our clients make an informed decision regarding the benefit and appropriate location of an RCV or ASV.

RCV ASV Analysis