MAOP / MOP Verification

For many operators, ensuring the records for establishing MAOP/MOP are traceable, verifiable, and complete can be a significant project that requires careful planning. In preparing for such an effort, operators should consider the following aspects:

  • Establishing a clear definition of what the operator considers to be traceable, verifiable and complete
  • Identifying an inventory of all applicable records and their location
  • Selecting databases, software and/or GIS applications required to tie physical records to pipeline segments
  • Identifying critical source documents to be scanned
  • Defining conservative assumptions that may be taken if records supporting a data element cannot be found, and how such determinations are documented
  • Implementing a process or actions to be taken if the MAOP/MOP cannot be verified with existing records

Structural Integrity Associates (SI) staff has been supporting pipeline operators with integrity management issues for over 30 years and has experience assisting operators comply with the guidance established in PHMSA Advisory Bulletin ADB-11-01. Our project teams have the required skills, experience and knowledge in the code requirements for MAOP/MOP determination.

MAOP MOP Verification