AC Induced Corrosion and Mitigation Analysis and Design

DC stray current and AC induced corrosion is becoming a larger problem as the growth in pipeline construction leads to greater congestion and more shared corridors with High Voltage AC power lines.


Also contributing to this problem is the increasing modification, reconfiguration, and addition of power lines. Structural Integrity has advanced AC mitigation and stray current analysis and design capabilities utilizing specialized software and methodologies. Structural Integrity is able to analyze pipeline and power transmission lines geometrically modeling the impact of collocated segments for the potential susceptibility to AC Induced corrosion. We are modeling tools have more advanced analytical capabilities than other commonly used models including:

  • Detailed modeling capabilities on the inductive and resistive effects
  • Ability to analyze multiple pipeline networks which can be modeled simultaneously
  • Ability to model different combinations of coating quality and/or type
  • Ability to evaluate different types and layers of soil and soil resistivity

In addition to advanced modeling capabilities, our technical staff is experienced in understanding the degradation mechanism and devising deployable and cost effective solutions to mitigate the impact of AC induced corrosion.