License Renewal / Second License Renewal

As a safe, efficient, and clean source of electricity, nuclear energy continues to play an important role in meeting our world's growing need for electricity. After a U.S. nuclear reactor has been in operation for 40 years, operating licenses may be renewed for additional 20 years periods. More than 75 plants in the US have already renewed their licenses to 60 years of operation and some owners are now interested in operating their plants for an additional 20 years (an 80-year service life) - termed second License Renewal or SLR. Structural Integrity Associates, Inc. can help ensure your plant will meet the demands of a longer operating life, and make your journey to license renewal and SLR a smooth one.

Our support for license renewal is a natural extension of that initial focus and one we have been providing since the first plants sought approval for operation to 60 years. our fundamental understanding of degradation mechanisms and experience in managing these mechanisms has led many nuclear utilities to turn to us for help in extending the life of their plants.

We have been a key consultant to nearly every U.S. utility that has sought to extend nuclear plant operating licenses to date and remains actively involved with industry efforts coordinated through both EPRI and NEI. The range of our License Renewal and SLR services has grown significantly over time and now can address nearly every aspect of a License Renewal / Second License Renewal project. Having grown alongside the nuclear energy industry, Structural Integrity is a powerful partner through every step of the license renewal process.

The filing of your license renewal application, successfully navigation of the NRC review process, and implementation of required aging management programs involves both a complex regulatory process and technical issues. From start to finish, we can make this daunting task more manageable by helping you with all license renewal evaluations and associated documentation, excluding the environmental review.

Structural Integrity provides a full menu of license renewal services in the following areas:

  • LRA/SLR Assessment and Recommendation Report
  • Project Plan and Guideline development
  • License Renewal Application preparation and/or review (including FSAR Supplement and Technical Specification change support)
  • Integrated Plant Assessment
  • Aging Management Review
  • TLAA and Exemptions
    • Metal Fatigue (including evaluation of environmental effects)
    • HELB evaluation
    • Neutron Embrittlement
    • Concrete Containment Tendon Prestress
    • Containment Liner Plate, Metal Containment, Penetration Fatigue
    • Plant-Specific TLAAs
  • Aging Management Programs (AMPs)
    • Development and implementation
    • Effectiveness Assessments
    • Operating Experience Reviews
  • GALL Gap Evaluation and Disposition to address changes since LRA approval
  • License Renewal Commitment Implementation Support
  • Regulatory Support (including RAI support)

To complement our internal strengths, we regularly partners with other leading companies to provide a broad range of capabilities that target your specific needs. Our nuclear industry partners include TransWare, SC Solutions and AZZ/WSI.

Our technical know-how and knowledge of the license renewal process bring plant owners a greater confidence in a successful license renewal or SLR.

We have performed technical and consulting work for all nuclear-fueled reactor types in the U.S., as well as CANDU reactors. The experts at Structural Integrity actively participate in the key industry organizations relevant to license renewal and SLR, including the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) and Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), as well as ASME, NACE, ASNT and other standards organizations, and have developed new technology and software that have become nuclear industry mainstays.

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