Nuclear Structures

As the Structural Integrity implies, we are experts in the evaluation of structures. Whether it’s evaluating the impacts of extreme events, such as seismic, high winds, flooding, and other natural events, or evaluating normal loadings on structures over long periods of time, Structural Integrity is a valuable resource.

Our seismic evaluation capability, as one example, involves the depth to quantify component-level fragilities based on location-specific loadings, via In-Structure Response Spectra (ISRS) analysis, to provide the inputs needed to assess overall risk via Seismic Probabilistic Risk Analysis (SPRA). This capability is currently being applied to support U.S. utilities responding to post-Fukushima requirements.

Using advanced tools and technologies, we can pinpoint vulnerabilities and offer proven strategies to promote structural integrity while meeting regulatory requirements. To keep your structures safe and sound, trust the team at Structural Integrity.