Advanced NDE Services

The more accurate and precise the nondestructive examination technologies (NDE) used, and the more skilled the inspectors who use them, the more likely that impending trouble can be quickly identified in power plant components and systems.

Structral Integrity has a long history in power generation of providing industry-leading, state-of-the-art NDE services. Our experienced inspectors, and the procedures that Structral Integrity has developed for a wide variety of NDE applications, combine to provide leading-edge examinations for power industry clients. Our NDE offerings range from conventional surface inspections VT, MT, PT, replication, hardness testing, and alloy identification. Our volumetric examinations using use advanced ultrasonic examinations, including time-of-flight-diffraction, micro-time-of-flight-diffraction, linear phased-array, and annular phased-array ultrasonics.

Structral Integrity examinations instead of conventional radiography. In addition to the advanced NDE capabilities that Structral Integrity possesses, our collective approach to solving clients' problems includes the interaction of NDE personnel with seasoned technical and engineering staff. In many instances, our technical team can develop specialized NDE procedures, techniques, and equipment to meet the most challenging of our clients' needs.

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