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Minimizing risk and maximizing reliability are the key goals for an effective asset management program. An essential part of any effective program is a system that will warehouse the associated data. Simply storing the data is not sufficient, however. The data management system must be capable of mining and analyzing the data to transform that data into information which can be used to make informed and effective decisions. Through intuitive interaction with this information, knowledge is developed that helps you to proactively manage your plant. To that end, Structural Integrity has developed our data management program PlantTrackā„¢.

PlantTrack is a powerful, web-based software solution with features designed specifically for the power industry. PlantTrack helps utilities to manage all types of data related to power plant design, construction, operation, specifications, inspections, maintenance and repairs, and failure investigations.

For example, drawings of plant components, such as piping systems, valves, boiler tubes and headers, can be stored in two- or three-dimensional format. These can be interactively accessed with display options to allow for viewing design, inspection, repair and analysis histories for all welds, spool pieces, branch connections, hangers, and other pertinent features of the systems. Probabilistic assessment of all this data leads to the assignment of a Risk Index for each element of a system. This provides guidance to maintenance engineers in their decision on where to focus their efforts on. Management and access to such data can facilitate preventative maintenance, inspection optimization, and outage planning. In particular, since the number one cause of power plant outages in the United States is boiler tube failures, PlantTrack can be used to monitor damage mechanisms and failure occurrences and can allow utilities to focus their efforts on problematic sections of a boiler.

Based on the prior software database TubeTrack, which has been in use in the electric power industry since 1985, and has hundreds of users in the US and Canada, PlantTrack is an expanded, extremely powerful tool for utility asset management.

PlantTracks modular, flexible architecture allows customers to only acquire and use the features they really need. In addition to offline data management, online monitoring and engineering assessment capabilities can be added, providing an integrated solution for Asset Health Management of stationary power plant components.

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