Combined Cycle / HRSG Units

Combined-cycle/heat recovery steam generator (CC/HRSG) units are often characterized by rapid starts, thermal transients, poor cycle chemistry, and in many cases, improperly designed attemperator systems.

Our experienced technical staff are knowledgeable of CC/HRSG high energy piping programs, HRSG design issues, industry-wide cycle chemistry guidelines, undesirable damage mechanisms such as flow-accelerated corrosion (FAC), and unit operational practices that lead to unnecessary damage. In the event that a component failure occurs, Structural Integrity has extensive experience with metallurgical testing and failure analysis to identify causitive factors in order to prevent future or recurring failures.

As part of our services, we offer HRSG operational dependability assessments, creep and fatigue evaluations, component failure root cause analysis, water chemistry evaluations and training, P91/CSEF testing and assessment, design life analyses, and many other services to ensure more reliable HRSG operation.

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