Analytical Modeling of Structural Performance for Homeland Security Issues

The performance of structures under severe impact and blast loads is of particular concern as a homeland security issue.

Predictive analysis for extensive damage in concrete structures is a formidable challenge because of the highly nonlinear behavior of reinforced and pre-stressed concrete. Concrete material is governed by small tensile strength, shear capacity that depends on crack widths, and compressive yielding with strain softening during crushing. In addition, modeling of the load transfer to reinforcement and other embedded steel with bond strength deterioration, yielding, and rupture is required for capturing extensive damage in these structures.

Most civil structures can withstand significant damage without collapse, and advanced analytical modeling is required to evaluate the consequences of extreme impact or blast loads. ANATECH, a Structural Integrity Associates company is recognized for developing and applying predictive analysis capabilities for civil structures subjected to extreme loads that can lead to structural failure and collapse. The most critical ingredient in this capability is the constitutive model for reinforced concrete, which must be highly detailed in its representation of material behavior and numerically robust to permit the calculation of severe damage. Our concrete material model, ANACAP, has been verified and validated with test data for these calculations and has gained international recognition for its performance in blind predictions of structural models tested to failure.

  • Impact and Blast Loading
  • Consequences of Structural Damage
  • Evaluate Potential for Progressive Damage and Collapse
  • Identify Mitigation Measures or Strategies