Analytical Support and Consulting Services for Structural Design

Structural design typically isolates major structural components and the associated loads so that simplified design formulas can be applied for section sizing.

Load and resistance factors along with applicable margins of safety have proven reliable in accounting for uncertainties in these assumptions and the variations in loads, material performance, and construction detailing. As structures become more sophisticated with increasing life expectancies and loading requirements, more advanced tools for structural analyses can be used to improve designs. ANATECH, a Structural Integrity Associates company has performed numerous design support analyses using finite element modeling that considers the composite action of the structure under all applicable design loads. Advanced modeling can include the nonlinear effects of contact surfaces, friction, stress stiffening and the P-Δ loading effect as deformations increase, and nonlinear material performance. Advances in computers also allow sophisticated global models with enough refinement for local details.





Design Verification Through Finite Element Modeling

  • Apply load with composite action of structure

  • Locate and relieve stress concentrations

  • Evaluate stress ranges for fatigue considerations

Weight Optimization Studies

  • Sizing of major structural components

  • Diaphragm web cutouts

  • Buckling considerations

Develop and Evaluate Assembly Specifications

  • Diagonal pre-stressing procedure

  • Field assembly of prefabricated components

  • Bolt pre-stressing or tendon post-tensioning

Evaluate Effectiveness of Structural Detailing

  • Relief of stress concentrations

  • Integral flange plates vs welded flange connections

  • Load transitions at component connections

Reinforcement and Embedded Steel Design

  • Load distributions for complex geometries

  • Develop section forces based on deformations

  • Consider foundation interfaces and embedments

Checking and Review Support

  • Design calculation checks

  • Review and checks of drawing packages

  • Review of field assembly specifications