Navigational Locks and Dams

ANATECH, a Structural Integrity Associates company has provided a significant amount of analytic support to the United States Army Corp of Engineers in their mission to maintain the safety of the navigable waterways for both commercial and recreational traffic.

This work includes support analysis for the new design of large steel miter gates, and Nonlinear Incremental Structural Analysis of new mass concrete lock walls and chambers and state-of-the-art precast dam foundations. In addition to new design support we provide fatigue evaluation capabilities for many lock and dam components including miter gate girders, pinions and anchorage struts, tainter gates and bascule treads.

With detailed nonlinear analysis, we can provide deterministic evaluations of global structures and local components required for risk based probabilistic safety assessments. We have developed a standalone software package to provide probabilistic risk based evaluations of typical concrete gravity dams subjected top probable maximum flood, PMF, and seismic events.