MAPPro™ & MAPProView™

MAPPro™ — Managing Aging Piping Pro — should be a critical component of any data management program for aging buried piping systems. This powerful proprietary corrosion engineering database helps Structural Integrity Associates, Inc. and its clients expedite data management, decision-making, and process documentation using a wealth of asset data: design and operating data; corrosion control data; data on leaks, repairs, and replacements; inspection data, including cathodic protection, excavation, soils, visual, and ultrasonic; and analysis data. MAPPro is enhanced by our MAPProView™, a state-of-the-art database visualization tool that can be used as a 3-D model to assist with identifying pipe and tank locations that require particular attention, or for excavation planning or release modeling.


Recent upgrades to MAPPro have focused on collaboration between Buried Pipe Integrity and Groundwater Protection Initiative program owners. Buried piping integrity program data can now be seamlessly integrated through both MAPPro and MAPProView with periodic monitoring well readings to aid in the investigation of potential variations in results.

For more information, see our brochure below. This 20 page brochure explores the various applications Structural Integrity Associates uses with its buried pipe integrity management program. You will also learn about the Buried Pipe User Community that provides support and management to MAPPro™ Apps users.

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