A New Take on Medical Device Prototyping that Could Save You Millions

Date: October 12th, 2018


Doug Fankell, Ph.D., will be speaking at the 10x for Engineers conference in San Diego on October 12th to discuss Structural Integrity’s (SI) ability to model medical devices and predict their performance. This not only includes modeling the device itself, but also deformation and damage occurring within the tissue the device interacts with. SI’s non-linear modeling capabilities can reduce the number of physical design iterations and design time by predicting device performance through computational simulation. This results in fewer physical prototypes, less experimental testing, and faster, more effective, finalized designs reaching the market more quickly.

Dr. Fankell is an engineer at Structural Integrity Associates where he applies his expertise in advanced finite element analysis (FEA) to challenging problems in biomedical device design.

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Dr. Doug Fankell


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